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Bestolife® Copper Joint Lead Free

Bestolife® Copper Joint Lead Free

BESTOLIFE® Copper Joint Lead Free (CJLF) is a non-lead, non-zinc thread compound for rotary- shouldered connections. Its high copper content allows it to bear high-pressure stress. CJLF applies easily in a wide range of temperatures and conditions, and is resistant to washout. It will not harden or bleed excessively in storage.

Lead-free answer for drill collars and drill pipe. Recommended for all drilling applications (rotary-shouldered connections). It also is effective for use on open gear jack-up legs.

Color: Copper
Penetration: 295-310 (ASTM D 217)
Weight/Gallon: 10.2 pounds/gallon
Dropping Point: ≥350°F (≥177°C)
Flash Point: ≥392°F (≥200°C)
Brushable To: 10°F (-12°C)
Friction Factor: 1.1 
Shelf Life: 4 years (unopened container)
Contains: Copper, graphite, and other non-metallic additives