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Hose Whip Restraint

The Hose Whip Restraint arrangements are made to provide protection in case of the high-pressure hose failure. The general idea is to stop the pressurized hose from lashing in case of breaking loose at the joint area. High pressure hoses especially those with hazardous content, should be safeguarded from accidental hazards, such as; involuntary detachments, fitting accidentally bursts during the hose assembly, couplings disconnection, etc using Hose Whip Restraints.

Whip Checks provides additional safety for compressor hoses and prevents uncontrolled movement of a pressure hose. Low-cost safety products to mitigate injuries in applications that use industrial hoses. Builds a bridge between each side of a hose fitting to create an added layer of protection.

The Essential Utility of Hose Whip Restraint

The fitting separation may happen due to varied reasons; it could be an installation error, accidental detachment caused by outside impacts and potential wear and corrosion. Safety restraint systems for pressure hoses offer a secondary level of safety for the personnel and nearby equipment for the whip damage.

The injuries caused by a loose pressure hose can range from light liaisons and bruises to complete fatalities. As high as the pressure gets, the accident may be more fatal.

Moreover, the hose may contain hazardous chemical and flammable gases that can increase the danger of these incidents. Once the hose joint breaks free, the hose restraint slows down the pressure by tightening the noose that sits around the hose itself, which results in partial or complete shutdown of the flow.