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Stainless Steel PVC Strip Curtain Hanger

Stainless Steel PVC Strip Curtain Hanger

This type Suspension hardware is most popular type of hanging system. The stainless steel Hanging Rails are fixed onto the underside or facing side of the door frame / beam support. We recommend this system for light industrial applications where there is manual pallet movement & occasional fork lift trucks traffic etc.

How to install the PVC strip curtain?

1) Cutting
Measure the size of door and cut the PVC strip curtain accordingly. Make sure the angle is 90 degree

2) Punch hole
a) Pushing holes in one side of PVC strip curtain
b) 200mm width door curtain need 3 holes
c) 300mm width door curtain need 4 holes

3) Install holders
a) Butt holders to the PVC strip with Screw.
b) Make sure the angle between strip and holders is 90 degree

4) Install hangers
a) Choice the best tool to punch hole according to the material of wall
b) If the hangers need to cut for special use, make sure you have remove the flash before