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Weicon® Thread Sealing Cord DF 175

  • for metal and plastic threads

WEICON® DF 175 is a patented thread sealing cord made of 100% PTFE that seals almost all metal and plastic threads permanently and safely. WEICON DF 175 reliably compensates the intermediate space on the threads and creates a PTFE film in the required thickness during the screwing procedure. This film is extremely resistant to almost all chemicals, even the most aggressive solvents, caustic agents, and acids.

WEICON DF 175 is non-flammable and operates reliably in a temperature range from -200°C (-328°F) to +240°C (+464°F).

In contrast to other sealing materials, for which the fabric solely acts as a base for the actual sealant, WEICON DF 175 itself is the sealing material. A separation of the base material and the sealing material over the service life of the screw connection is thus excluded.

WEICON DF 175 is very economical: 1 roll replaces up to 20 rolls of PTFE tape (12 mm x 0,1 mm x 12 m).